The unique blend of design, print, audio and motion provides a unique and self-powered marketing tool, capable of delivering a range of powerful video messages. By combining high quality design, print and video into a formidable and highly presentable application, allows the capacity to deliver information with purpose, direction and style. The creation of this innovative product has the scope to generate an endless range of business concepts, whilst also inspiring new levels of communication and opportunities.

These can range from direct sales and marketing to in house training, product development, presentations, tenders, interactive business concepts and tutorials, advertising, offers, greetings and anything that requires video output.The consolidation of print, sound and video further enhances the potential to grow your business to a level that will captivate and entice, new audiences and clients alike. With this product now available to Web Club, businesses and individuals can utilize and benefit from a distinct competitive advantage that digital brochures offer.

By adding significant value to any print or video presentation, digital brochures form a very unique multimedia production, with immense marketing potential. Visual brochures offer a selection of video screen sizes, storage capacities, audio, batteries, selection buttons, configurations, finishing and much more. The options are variable and products can indeed be customized to suit your business model, individual project, or marketing concept. These require additional planning and concise specifications to further enhance the print and video experience.

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