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Video Brochures
13 Jul

Video Brochures

2009 idea of Video in printed paperboard  (video brochure) came out to replace video in plastic( digital photo frame)

2010-2011 manufacturers were doing video brochure marketing, selling samples or dozens of video brochures.

Mainly two markets for video brochure:

Promotion marketing: Medical industry and Car industry always has big video brochure orders, for they have $$$ to do promotion, furthermore, end-users are wide ranging,

meanwhile, lots of companies use video brochure to make their brand impressed, or launch their new product.

Retailer marketing: LCD screen fixed in the shell, counter or display to promote product selling in the supermarket and shop.

Retailer marketing is popular in Japan, USA and France.

How to assure our quality which customers care most:

Core of video in print is solution and PCB board: must use stable solution and PCB board.

Screen usse new screen(not second hand)

Good quality sound of video depends on good quality speaker : use 8Ω2W built-in speaker(No use 8Ω0.5W speaker with sound of tittering).

Battery: use A brand Lithium polymer battery.(no use second hand battery, which will cause disaster)

Tape: we use 3M tape to make sure printed paperboard is assembled tightly.(not common tape)

Video brochure is 80% made by hands, so stable team and staffs are key.(new staffs can not fold video brochure in good shape)

Aging process: must doing aging test during manufacturing.

How to make video in print:

Please find the attached”BBT Video Brochure Making Process”

Process of Quality control:

Please find the attached” BBT Video Brochure Quality Control Process”

How to survive and expand in video brochure industry:

Super quality and better price to maintain old customers

Excellence in OEM or ODE projects like LCD in box, LCD in book, LCD in leather, LCD in wood, LCD in other material.

Versions have evolved over the years
26 Jul

Versions have evolved over the years

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