How durable are the Visual Brochures in terms of operation in certain high level and usage areas?

The products are built to be durable with a hardcover layer and fixed LSC screen inside. However, they are prone to damage if dropped or mishandled, but are very reliable and can be used constantly. Please review our safety guide located here, to further understand what the product requires.

Can video content be updated at any time and is it difficult to do?

Video content can be updated regularly with a simple drag and drop process, via a desktop computer or network. You simply plug the cable into both devise and network and simply drag and drop. You will need to also manipulate file names as this guide clearly explains. We can also upload the content for you prior to shipment. Furthermore, we can also lock video content onto the device allowing for additional security and data protection.

What is the guarantee or life span of a Visual Brochure and do they pose any risks or dangers?

We provide a 6 month manufacturers guarantee with certain conditions applicable. The product it self can last for up to 5 years however this is dependant on many factors which includes storage, usage and environment factors. Please also review our safety information for a further guide, to the product.

Are your products manufactured locally and how long does it take to receive an order, once it has been submitted?

We are one of the only local manufacturers of the Visual Brochure in Australia located in Melbourne, which give us the flexibility to maintain and manage, the entire product cycle. This includes accepting orders of single units coupled with quick turnaround, of up to 7 days in certain instances. Our other product ranges are sourced from our supplier abroad and the conditions of sale for these products, do vary. Please note that design and creative can take time so this process must not be calculated into the productions and delivery phases.

Are there any additional finishing options for the product and what sizes are available?

We have many types of printing and finishing options to create the perfect effect for your visual product, ranging from spot UV Pantone colour printing to full colour CMYK. We can also do foil in various colours as well as well high quality matt and gloss finishing. Size options include both 10” and 7’ screen in A4 and A5 sized and we also can provide a sleave to store document and other data related information. It’s important to note that there are many other options to which we can discuss with you, at the time of order or quote.