The design phase is the launch of the initial creative platform with several elements on offer, ensuring complete visual composition, integrity and quality leading to the perfect outcome. This process requires a number of aspects including the co-ordination of information, business strategy, content, IP, relevant resources, ideology, purpose and complete collaboration. It is envisaged that colour, balance and synergy within the designated template below will be the main focus. This includes emphasis on apportioning the right mix of data, colour and balance within the confides of this template, with support on offer form our creative and project team at all times. To generate the best possible effect, our creation and project team will also liaise with the related stake holders, to formulate a design strategy that embraces all the necessary tools, principles, strategy and information.

As part of the design phase our team will liaise closely with clients communicating updates and maintaining edits. This is critical to minimise risk and maximise output and quality. We will also provide a full large scale copy of full colour printed proofs, requesting sign off and entering the production phase. So come on a journey of creativity and flair with our team of specialists and we will create a product that will captivate and impress, your customers or audience.