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Welcome to the new world of media digestion whereby visual marketing is forged using professional video, creative design, prominent colours, quality print and durable finishing. Visual Brochures are announced as an innovative product that merges, audio, video, design and print into a highly effective and extremely captivating solution.

Visual brochures are a premium communication product that can help communicate and translate audio and video messages in a stylish, practical and compelling way. Visual brochures also help in powering your message in a unique format.


  • Great for marketing conferences and product development
  • Ideal for training, inductions, business information and much more.
  • Create business tenders or sales initiatives with detail and style.
  • Showcase your work, services, business in an effective visual format.
  • Introduce product launches or presentation, with real time data.
  • Fuse video technology into print and packaging.


It is more and more difficult in today’s modern digital world to stand out from other businesses and competitors. Your business or project needs a strong competitive edge in this digitized landscape that catapults your brand ahead of the pack.

Improve your client targeting with relevant information, unique content, viable promotions, and high end video. Our product range suites nearly all businesses and market segments and will drive your adverting budget further.
It is durable and has the capacity to be designed in the same format of any type of print product, like standard brochures, booklets, posters or more.


Please view our latest news and updates on all of our products and services. At Visualise it we feel that the more exposure and awareness we van harness will benefit our range and brand.

We will also create content on new visual brochures launched as well showcasing the many areas and aspects, of this amazing product.


Recent WorksAipsum therefore always

Why Choose UsLocal production and local support.

Design Options

Our creative team will work closely with you to adapt and apply the most effective design and output.

Various Sizes

We have the capacity to produce range of screen sizes and brochures, to ensurewe have the right product for your business.

Industries Aligned

This innovative product can be applied to nearly all industry types and process requirements.

Flexible Features

Form push button to touch screens and from standard video to WIFI application and much more.

Support Services

We produce most of our products locally here in Melbourne and provide immediate training, support and service.

Dedicated Resources

We also have the capability to add value through project inception, right through to completion.

Video Effects

There are numerous ways to present a business or product in video or audio format and we have these covered.

Quality Assured

Our products have been comprehensively tested and assured by all the part suppliers and manufacturers.

Cross Marketing

Opportunities exist to assert your brand, products and services into a new paradigm of media exchange.

There are many applications to the Visual Brochures spanning numerous industries, with real time operational and marketing potential. Just some areas that our product has major benefits towards.
Product Marketing

Reveal a range of product data and specifications in highly effective print and video formatting.

Training Concepts

Either as inductions or in-house training methods, visual brochures have the scope and.

Retails Sales

Innovation in retail applications are always required to which, the visual brochure adds value.

Function Media

Capture moments and special events in a complete video album format.

Product Features

Creative Design

The Visual Brochure can be custom designed and detailed in a manner that is both reflective of your business and brand.

Creative Video

The Visual Brochure can accommodate a range of video options in either a narrative format or in a promotional style feature.

Creative Product

Further to our creative design skills we also have a dedicated service to product development, with synergies to your business

Please view our visual library and start your professional video today

We provide a range of video output services which include scripts, design, editing and more.
These videos we create are very professional and cost effective and can be also used on many other platforms including, websites and social media.
Here are just a sample of several different themes and formats below

Our Customers